Walk In Info


Walk Ins vs Scheduling

At Copaset-X Tattoo you are welcome to make an appointment or walk in anytime during regular business hours. Appointments are preferred, but not required. If you walk in or call/message us wanting to come in on the same day, we will make every effort to get you in the same day and as quickly as possible however sometimes it isn't possible to get in the same day. Walk-ins will have a longer wait time and may be asked to return at a later time or a different day.  Appointments have priority and walk ins are worked in between as time allows. You will be asked to write your name and number down on a list and we will call you IF/WHEN he is able to get to you. Please note YOU MAY NOT GET IN THE SAME DAY. Please be patient as Quinton takes his time with each client to ensure you get a quality piece of art. As most of you know Quinton is the owner and only artist. Every tattoo, no matter how big or small, is treated with the same type of care and detail. He will NOT rush through tattoos to get people in and out the door. He takes pride in his work and quality is more important than quantity. You wouldn't want him to rush through yours would you?  Sometimes tattoos take longer than expected and you may have a longer than normal wait time.  This is due to clients needing breaks, swelling, etc. We absolutely cannot predict how long a tattoo will take because every one is different and we have to accommodate clients accordingly. We appreciate all of our awesome clients and your patience!  Thank you for choosing Quinton and supporting our business!