Touch Ups


Touch Up Policy

Tattoos done by our artists that require a touch-up will be done ONCE free of charge* so long as the touch-up is scheduled within 60 days of the original tattoo.  TOUCH UPS MUST BE SCHEDULED AND ARE ONLY DONE ON MONDAY OR TUESDAY.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT WALK INS FOR TOUCH UPS. A touch-up scheduled beyond 60 days from the original tattoo date may carry a charge of $50.  Only the initial touch-up is free.  Any additional touch ups after the first one will cost a minimum of $50. If you schedule a touch-up and do not show up for the appointment there will be a $50 charge for the next touch-up appointment. Though the initial touch-up is free, the artists appreciate tips for their work and time.

*Exceptions To This Policy: 

• Tattoos that are done on the hands, fingers, wrist, neck, toes, or feet will carry a $50 charge for touch-ups as these areas are difficult to heal, are not guaranteed, and may even require multiple touch-ups. Be aware of the frequent touch-ups you may need throughout your tattoo's lifetime if you choose to get tattooed in one of these areas and take that into consideration. Do you have the time/money to take a few days off work to stay off your feet or try not to use your hands in order for proper healing to occur? Note that our artists may choose not to tattoo in any of these areas. 


• Irritation, infection, and fading can all be very typical on those types of tissue.  The responsibility doesn't solely fall on the artist to warn you. It is our jobs as professionals to try and guide you to the best tattoo but in the end, if you're getting tattooed, you're an adult and the research/repercussions are yours to deal with. Know the location you want to get tattooed, know your artist and listen to THEIR aftercare advice since it's THEIR work you are healing. 

• Our artists have enough experience with tattoos and the healing process to know when a touch-up is needed due to the client not following proper aftercare suggestions. If your tattoo artist decides that client neglect is the cause of a touch-up that is needed, you may be charged for your touch-up.

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